قوانین مرحله مقدماتی مسابقات بین‌المللی

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طراحان و حرفه‌ای‌های مسابقات هواپیماهای کاغذی از کشورهای مختلف دنیا در مسابقاتی تحت عنوان "ردبول پی‌پر وینگز" با هم به رقابت می‌پردازند. این مجموعه مسابقات در هر کشور به صورت جداگانه معمولاً در بین دانشگاه‌های آن کشور ابتدا برگزار می‌گردد. شرکت‌کنندگان در این مسابقات ابتدا باید در مرحله مقدماتی از پس رقبای ملی‌اشان برآیند. سپس


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GENERAL RULES Paper planes must be made on the day with provided paper (A4, under 100GSM). Only one piece of paper per plane may be used. There will be two categories: Distance & Time Aloft. Students may compete in one or both categories. Only current Primary School or Secondary School students are allowed to compete.

The Red Bull Paper Wings Rules 2015

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RED BULL PAPER WINGS INTERNATIONAL QUALIFLYER RULES Challenging the existing world records needs to be done according to the international rules developed by the Paper Aircraft Association (PAA) and the Guinness World Record regulations. Assuring worldwide comparability of the results requires following these official Red Bull Paper Wings rules. Longest Distance • All contests need

Kelvin Smith Library

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Paper Airplane Competition This competition is part of the Engineers Week 2016 activities scheduled at School of Engineering, Case Western Reserve University. The competition was organized in collaboration by Kelvin Smith Library and Case Engineering Council. Date: February 22, 2015 Place: Tinkham Veale Ballroom Time: 12:30-3:30 pm Prizes*: * Prizes are in the form of